Wednesday, August 1, 2012


If anyone has been awake and had the TV on at 4 in the morning on just about any channel, then they'll know what I'm saying when I say fuck Insanity.

I've been doing it for awhile, but I hadn't done it for.. A good 2 weeks at least, since it's my girlfriend's brother's discs. They had been on vacation so i'm just getting back into it. I'm going  to be honest and say that i'm not active or athletic in any sense of the word. I'm not fat, per se , but i'm not skinny either. Most of the time I just sit at the computer or play just dance or some bullshit to work out. I hate the feeling afterwards, but at the same time when you get up in the morning and you can barely move, there's some weird feeling that just makes it worth it.

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