Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Probably late on this

Starcraft 2 patch 1.5 was released.. Sometime within the last few days. Normally I wouldn't really care because I suck at SC2 and I could care less about balance. One thing that's amazing about this though is that it has been dubbed the Arcade Patch. What this means is that it completely reworks how custom games work. I BELIEVE that they still have the popular map bullshit and all that that almost ruined the custom game scene, minus the 5 dota clones that are shit, but it adds in lobbies.

This is a pretty big change as it was one of the main reasons that people just didn't care about making maps in SC2, nobody would ever play them unless you advertised them specifically. New maps were tossed aside and never given a chance, and the Fun or Not crap that they tried still would play games within the first few pages of the popularity. A vast majority of my childhood was spent playing SC and WC3 custom games, so it's safe to say that i'm very excited about this. I hope that this paves the way for a new era of UMS gaming.

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