Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Orionna: Delayed Thoughts

Sorry for this to have been so late, but I wanted to make sure that i'm not just talking out my ass.

So far, she seems like a great champ that might need a FEW small tweaks. Nothing major. Her early game damage is pretty bad, but it's on a low cooldown. Luckily though, once she hits six she wins the lane. Your combo with the ulti will wreck anyone that's not a true tank.

Early game once she hits six, she can be considered somewhat of an assassin, but you HAVE to hit your full combo and your ulti right. She has pretty ridiculous burst. Mid game, it's somewhat the same and with a lot of AP and penetration, you'll be able to deal some serious damage at a pretty low cooldown.

Late game though is where she slows down. She still can do some damage, but it's best to switch over to a tankier and more cooldown oriented build and start being more of a support by slowing, speeding up your allies, tossing enemies around, and using your shield right.

One thing you have to remember though is that her E does damage, albeit not much. That can be the difference between a death and a kill though, so remember that. Try to put it into your combo after you hit your ulti, as that's when it will most likely hit.


  1. I still think you play too much LoL.

  2. League of Legends, I prefer HoN sir :)

  3. Ohhhhh, I dunno whether to try HoN LoL or get back to WoW.

  4. used to play LoL tempting to go back, followed.

  5. Look good to me, but again I`m no pro


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